We are extremely proud of the research and teaching that takes place at 克兰菲尔德, all made possible by our team of passionate and dedicated staff – our academics, 研究人员, 技术人员 and professional services teams, plus our industrial 合作伙伴 from around the world.

Community and public engagement is all about us engaging as a University with those around us, 这样巴黎人官方app下载就可以:

  • Obtain insight and work with the public to enrich and inform our research activity;
  • Input into projects that help shape policy decisions and initiatives, improving the lives of those we serve;
  • 分享 our stories and celebrate achievements with our community;
  • Deliver and take part in events and activities that inspire young people and the public about the possibilities of STEM;
  • Encourage young people to consider careers that will build a bigger and more diverse STEM and management workforce;
  • 实现巴黎人官方app下载的 愿景 of being valued globally for tackling the real-world issues of today to deliver a sustainable future, 通过巴黎人官方app下载的 任务 of working in 合作伙伴hip to develop and deliver applied research and innovative education in science, 技术, 工程与管理.

We carry out our 任务 through living 巴黎人官方app下载的价值观 of ambition, impact, respect and community.


We are thrilled that Natalia Falagán, Lecturer in Food Science and Technology, is one of the amazing 工程师发挥作用, featured in a new book delivered to all state schools in the UK this March!

Natalia’s research about food sustainability - making the most of the food we have and reducing waste - is part of this inspiring and diverse group of inventors, 技术人员, scientists and tech entrepreneurs featured in the book. 你可以在 工程师发挥作用 site, including downloadable resources and lots of other great links!

We are very proud supporters of the This Is Engineering campaign, turning 5 years old on 24 January 2023!

Since the launch, the campaign has inspired 1.1 million young people aged 13-18 to consider a career in engineering #EngineeringBetterLives

To celebrate National Engineering Day 2022, which is part of the campaign, we were excited to celebrate the work of our 技术人员 and help raise awareness about these crucial roles, take a look and get inspired!

欲知详情,请访问 www.thisisengineering.org.uk